Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4th Day of Preschool (January 24, 2012): Squares

Today at preschool was Square Day!  You really kept Mommy busy running after you as you tried out all the different activities!!

Your favorite activity today was painting with square boxes, and Mommy had no idea how excited you would be or how messy you would get!

By the time you were done, you had red paint all over your hair and shirt, but you made Mommy and Daddy some very pretty pictures!

Next, you & Lillian did a really good job putting pegs into the squares in the peg board:

You loved painting on the easel with foam paint:

Your teachers made homemade silly putty, and you had so much fun putting the squares into it and stretching it out:

You always love playing in the sensory bin, and today there were lots of beans in it:

You used a glue stick for the first time and made a square collage:

And lastly, you did a really good job putting different colored square blocks on top of different puzzle cards:

For one of the closing circle activities, you did the "Bean Bag Boogie" and the teacher played a really fun bean bag song and you practiced putting your bean bag on different body parts along with the song:

The Bean Bag is on your foot

I love you so much sweetie and am so proud of you!! I can't wait to see all that you'll learn in preschool next week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

3rd Day of Preschool (January 16, 2012): Mud

Today you had another great time at preschool! Grammie even came to watch, which you loved!

The theme was mud/dirt and you got to make your very first little plant! The teacher helped you put some dirt into a plastic cup, put 2 lima bean seeds into the dirt, and then water it with a watering can.  It will be so fun to watch your plant grow!!

You had fun doing so many things inside, but your favorite thing was painting with "mud" paint! 

At the Play-Doh table, you had fun sticking the farm animals in the mud!

You also arranged flowers in a vase:

And colored a pink pig with crayons:

And had fun putting the soft puzzles together:

You had so much fun preparing so many different types of food in the play kitchen and you wanted Grammie to eat all of it.

One of Mommy's favorite moments was watching you pretend to be a big sister as you sat on the rocking chair and gently gave the baby doll a bottle:

Mommy can't wait to see you soon interacting with Baby will be the best big sister!!!

For the last activity before we went home, the teacher put a "muddy water puddle" on the carpet, and you had a great time pretending to stomp your feet through the mud:

You had another great time at preschool! And thank you to Grammie for coming too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2nd Day of Preschool (January 10, 2012)

Today was your second time at preschool and I think you had even more fun today!!!

You definitely love playing outdoors with all the fun equipment, and today you tried pushing a wheelbarrow for the first time!! You were really excited about the horse figurines you put in it!

You also had fun climbing up the play structure and going for a ride with Keira in a wagon!

The activities inside were so much fun! You enjoyed trying to figure out which lids fit on which jars:

By far, your favorite activity was definitely making a blanket collage with scraps of paper and loved using glue and made 2 different collages. 

After you made both collages, you went over to the playdoh table and enjoyed playing there.

You then went over to the easel and painted all over your paper to try to find the hidden picture.

You also had so much fun at the corn table and loved scooping the corn into different containers.

After you were done doing most of the activities, you went over to the story area to listen to Allison read a book.

You did another great job sitting at the table during snack time.

And you sat on the tape line very nicely again with your friends Keira and Lillian as the teacher read the closing story.

You had a great time today sweetie and Mommy will definitely buy some glue so we can start making collages together at home!

The Cardboard Castle that Ken & Lara Gave You (January 7, 2012)

Ken & Lara came over today to play with you and also to bring you a special surprise for your Christmas present.  We took Daisy for a walk with Lara, and when we got home, Daddy and Ken had set up the cardboard castle for you!

Here is a picture of you seeing the castle for the first time. Daddy was hiding in the castle and he took this picture from inside the castle.

You had sooo much fun playing in your castle with Ken & Lara!!

Even your Daisy Dog liked the castle too!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Ken & Lara for giving me such a great gift!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!