Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July 2012: Lots of Pictures!

Today Keira's entire family came over (even Jack!) for breakfast and you had so much fun playing with Keira!! Noah took lots of really great pictures!!

A family picture:  (You are 2.5 years old and Lawrence is 11 weeks old)

Some cute pictures of you:

Cute picture of Lawrence with Allison:

Cute picture of you and Daddy on your swing:

Lots of cute pictures of you and Keira:

And the last picture is of your Daisy Dog celebrating 4th of July too:

Picking Strawberries: (July 1, 2012)

Today our whole family drove to the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields so that you could pick strawberries!! We knew you would love doing this, and you totally did!

You were so excited when they gave you a bucket and you wanted to get started right away, but of course Mommy had to take a picture first!

Daddy loves spending time with you:

We arrived early, so you had almost all the strawberries to yourself:

Once Daddy explained how to pick the best strawberries, you got started. You did such a good job examining each one to find the best!

Look at all the yummy looking strawberries you picked!!

You really wanted to taste one, and kept pretending that you were going to:

The first thing you wanted to do when you got home was to make another little cake with strawberries on top. Daddy taught you how to wash the strawberries and then you made another cake.

We had so much fun watching you pick strawberries today! We will do this with you every year and maybe next year Lawrence can help you:)