Saturday, January 5, 2013

Briana's 3rd Birthday Celebrations Part 2: Ladybug Party

You had so much fun at your Ladybug Party!!!

The party started out in the backyard! Adelyn let us borrow her bounce house, so you had fun bouncing and being silly with your friends.

There was also a craft table where you could get your face painted or bug tattoos applied by Mary, practice sorting bugs in different jars, and filling a paper bug jar with foam bug stickers.

Here are your 2 group pictures:

I love this picture!! You look so grown up as you're holding a conversation with Keira:

Next came the super fun part!!! We released real ladybugs in our backyard, and everyone used their magnifying glasses to look for them, and then everyone was able to collect a few to place in their bug jars.

Then it was time to eat! You and your friends ate Chick Fil A chicken nuggets (one of your new favorite foods) and mixed fruit.

Then before singing "Happy Birthday" and eating cake, it was picture time!!! Mackenzie and Ella made such an awesome ladybug photo frame...thank you!!! Here are a few of Mommy's favorites:

Lastly, it was time for singing and cupcakes!!!

That is one BIG cupcake!!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Briana's 3rd Birthday Celebrations Part 1

Briana, Mommy and Daddy were so excited to help you celebrate your birthday this year. We can't believe you're our grown up little three year old. You bring so much joy and love into our lives, and you have taught us both what it means to love unconditionally!!!

The first way we celebrated your birthday was at preschool! Mommy and PopPop brought cupcakes to your preschool at lunch time, so your friends at school (and teachers) sang "Happy Birthday" to you and everyone thought the cupcakes were yummy:

Then later that afternoon, we went to IKEA for the December birthday party (with Lawrence and Nana) and Ella and Keira were the two special friends you chose to come with you! It was pretty chaotic, but you all had so much fun!!

Fun with friends before the face painting:

Lawrence was happy hanging out with Nana!!

Waiting patiently for your numbers to be called to get your faces painted:

Happy girl!!

Mommy is soooo blessed to have such two wonderful and happy children!

Finally!! Face painting time!! You chose a dolphin: