Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lawrence is 2 Months Old!!! (June 17, 2012)

Lawrence, this past month has gone by so fast and you've already changed so much!!!

At two months old, you:

**** now eat about every three hours during the day, but you can sleep for up to five hours at night. Your longest stretch is between 12am until 5am.

**** just started wearing 3-6 or 6 months clothes and are wearing Pampers size 1 diapers.

**** are very alert and attentive when you're awake and you are able to track objects and make great eye contact.

**** are smiling so much!!!! Your smile is so big and your whole face lights up! You just love when Mommy or Daddy or Briana talks to you!

**** love to sleep in your little lamb swing during the day, and are still sleeping in the bassinet at night.

**** do a really good job holding your head up, and Mommy just started putting you in Briana's old Bumbo seat (sorry it's pink:)

You are already an amazing little boy, and you give us a tremendous amount of joy!!! We love you!

Father's Day! (June 17, 2012)

Today was Father's Day!! You were so excited to do special things with and for Daddy all day!!

The first thing we did was make Daddy some chocolate chip and M&M pancakes together, and it was your idea to put a smily face on them out of strawberries. We surprised Daddy by taking them to him in bed, and he thought they were so yummy.

After Daddy ate his pancakes, it was time for him to take you to see your very first movie, Strawberry Shortcake!!

You had such a great time sitting in the movie theatre seat and eating your popcorn, a special movie treat!

After you came home, you were so excited to finally make Daddy a little had been asking when we could make it for the past week:)

You made the cake all by yourself after Mommy gave you the dessert cake! You added five strawberries on top of the cake, and then added cool whip (which you also had fun tasting):

You couldn't wait to give it to Daddy!!

You were very excited when Daddy wanted to share with you:

After your nap, you wanted to make Daddy another cake, so you made another one and Daddy shared with you again! (that's why your hair is in a ponytail now):

Daddy loved spending so much time with you today and he loves you so much!!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Preschool (May 29, 2012): Balloons/Last Day

Today was your last day of preschool and Daddy went with us!!! Mommy was able to take all the pictures and Daddy did all your activities with you! You had so much fun showing him all around and playing with him!

You had a blast with Daddy on the playground!

First, you made such a pretty, colorful picture by dipping balloons into paint and then painting the paper...that was so neat!

You also painted on a real balloon!

You liked collecting all the candy canes that were in the water table:

You had a great time with Daddy playing with the corn:

You played with play doh and a puzzle:

You took a quick break to take a picture with your teacher, Mrs. Paley:

Then you remembered the dress up station, and next thing Mommy knew, Daddy helped you get dressed up like this:

Doing one of your favorite things, reading books with Daddy:

And of course Mommy wanted to take a few more pictures of you and Daddy:

Daddy said he had such a wonderful time with you!! We both love you so much!!!!