Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween Day 2012

Today was SOOOOO much fun for you!!! Ella had a halloween party at her house in the morning and then you went trick or treating in the evening!

Mackenzie planned such a fun party for Ella with so many cute details that Mommy loved!

Mommy really loved the picture frame idea:

There was a fun sensory bin where you tried to find the marbles in the spaghetti:

There were lots of different art projects to choose from:

Really yummy food to eat:

Bike riding time:

And group pictures:

After Ella's party, you went home and took a nap and then after you woke up kept asking when Daddy would be home so that you could go trick or treating.  You were so excited!!!

Here is a (blurry) picture of you running down the driveway ready to get started:

Lawrence was really excited to come along too!:

Our family picture:

Trick or treating:

You were so excited going from house to house and looking to see which houses had their lights on, and we were out 1 1/2 hours.

Here is all your candy:

It was so neat for Mommy & Daddy to see you have so much fun trick or treating this year!! Next year Lawrence will be able to go up to the houses with you:)

Halloween & Fall Celebrations Part 2!!!

We went to a really fun Fall Harvest festival with your friend Shannon. You ate a hot dog and popcorn, and tried cotton candy for the first time. There were lots of fun games for you to play and you even got to sit on a pony again.

Our family also went to a similar harvest festival, but much smaller, at RBCPC.

We went to Vash and Drake's Halloween party and you had so much fun!

Pik asked everyone to wear a Halloween outfit to music class, and you wanted to wear your "I'm so cute it's scary outfit" again. You had a lot of fun with Cassidy and Lawrence was starting to participate more.

At the end of class, Pik allowed every child to pick out a few pieces of candy, even Lawrence!! Lawrence was nice and gave his candy to you:)

Halloween and Fall Celebrations Part 1!!!: (October 2012)

This month you and Lawrence did so many fun things to celebrate fall and halloween!! Get ready, Mommy took a lot of pictures of you and Lawrence!

The first thing we did was go to the pumpkin patch with Colin & Ellie and your playgroup.

Here is the playgroup group picture...we are in the middle and both of you don't look very happy:(

These are my two favorite pictures from the morning:

You had SO much fun with Colin and loved spending time with him! 

You had a small Halloween party at your house and your friends Keira, Ella, Adelyn, and Lillian came dressed in their costumes. You had so much fun and were excited to dress up like a candy corn!!

Mommy bought Lawrence a candy corn onesie so that you two would match:) In this picture, you are trying to explain to Lawrence to look up at the camera and smile:

We took a group picture before everyone began eating:

After everyone finished eating, you decorated craft pumpkins with markers and stickers:

After decorating pumpkins, Daddy read everyone a few Halloween books:

Then we did some pumpkin bowling down the hallway:

Then it was time to decorate the Halloween cookies...your favorite part!

Everyone had a great time at your party!! You were sad when it was over, but I think we'll plan to make this a yearly tradition.