Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friend School (March 23, 2012): Bees

Today you went to friend school at Kate's house and learned all about bees! Max wasn't there today because his Mommy just had a baby and Max is now a big brother! And you are going to be a big sister very soon!

After Kate described all about bees, you and Lillian had fun putting bee stickers all over the paper:

After the bee lesson, everyone went outside with their magnifying glasses to look for bees:

Nobody found a bee right away, but George did find a Roly Poly:

After you went inside and washed your hands, Kate served a really yummy snack of bug shaped muffins:

After snack time, everyone sat at the table and colored a bee maze:

Thank you Kate for another fun friend school!!

Preschool (March 20, 2012): Music

Today you had another really fun morning at preschool! Today was all about music!

The first thing you did was decorate a "shaker" for yourself, and then you also made another one for Grammie:

You enjoyed trying out all the different musical instruments on the table:

You had so much fun playing with the different color bells. Each color bell made a different sound:

You used the record player to make a pretty spin art picture for Grammie:

You and your friend Lillian had a great time making different sounds with the keyboard:

Today you wanted to play dress up and put on platform shoes and carry around a looked so cute! You also wanted to show off your new look to your friends:

And lastly, today you got very engrossed in painting with foam paint and wanted to cover every inch of the paper:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Preschool (March 13, 2012): Sand & Beach

I think today you had more fun in preschool than I've seen before! You were smiling and laughing and running around the whole time!

When we first went outside, you had fun shoveling sand into many different buckets and carrying the buckets around:

And then you discovered the pretend phone booth, and you called and had conversations with so many people...Daddy, Nanna & PopPop, Grammie, and Keira.

When we went inside, you had fun squeezing glue all over your paper and sprinkling different colors of sand on the glue:

You searched for objects in the sand after putting on a cute pink beach hat:

Allison taught you how to use the fishing pole to catch some fish:

You LOVED taking your socks and shoes off and playing in the cotton ball area!

Mommy thought it was the cutest thing when you and your friends Keira, Ariana, and Abby all sat down in the beach chairs. Everyone wanted to eat, so you all went to the play kitchen and picked out some food to bring back to the table and enjoyed pretending to eat your snack:

And during the closing song, you got up and ran and sat in your teacher's lap for the first time:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Preschool (March 6, 2012): Water

When we first got to preschool today, you ran over to the farm animals in the sand and started to put all of them upright so that they would "all be awake and done with sleep":

Then you spent a lot of time using your fingers to put sand into the back of the toy dump trunk and then moving the truck along the sand:

All of the inside activities focused on different things to do with water.

In the first activity, you painted water on the rocks to make them wet! This is something pretty inexpensive and not messy that we could do at home:

Then you did water squirting painting, where you first used markers to color on your paper, and then you used the squirt bottle to run the colors together:

You had so much fun doing coffee filter painting! You used eye droppers to put different colors all over  the coffee filters:

And during the last activity, you loved playing at the water table:

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Blog Entry to Baby Lawrence

Hi Sweetie! Mommy & Daddy wanted to document our experience seeing you today (March 3, 2012) during your 3D/4D ultrasound. You are still in Mommy's belly and growing so big!! Mommy is 33 weeks pregnant now and we only have to wait a little longer to meet you! You have a Mommy & Daddy who already love you so much and a big sister named Briana. Briana loves to give Mommy's belly lots of kisses everyday and says "I love you little baby Lawrence". We also have a little dog named Daisy who is excited to meet you too!

During the ultrasound, you were very sleepy so we didn't see you moving around too much, but we saw a lot of great pictures of you and now have a better idea of what you look like! Daddy tried to wake you up several times by talking to you through Mommy's belly, and at one point, you responded to Daddy's voice and blinked and yawned and stretched!

Here is the best picture of you where we can see your sweet little face the most clearly:

Here is a picture of your big sister Briana as she's waiting to see you:

And here is a picture of your Mommy, Daddy, and sister standing in front of your picture:

The three of us already love you more than words can describe!!

Preschool (February 28, 2012): Wheels & Transportation

You had another really fun time at preschool today learning about wheels and all different methods of transportation, including cars, buses, trucks, and trains.

The first thing you did was decorate a "steering wheel" that you would use at the end of preschool in your closing song:

Then you ran over to the big table where there were several transportation tabletop activities:

You absolutely loved playing with the toy cars and trucks in the "snow", which was really shaving cream, especially after you discovered that you could put the shaving cream all over your arms and clothes:

After we washed all the shaving cream off your hands and tried to get as much as possible out of your hair and off your clothes, you enjoyed painting using a roller:

Here's a picture of you using a spoon and funnel at the sand table:

And two pictures of you driving in the cute cardboard box car:

Your favorite part of the morning was the closing song called "Driving in My Car" by Peter & Ellen Allard! You had so much fun pretending to drive in your car using the steering wheel that you decorated earlier and putting on your sunglasses, scarf, and hat, and having your stuffed animal in the car with you:

"Driving in my car, driving far, I’m a movie star". 

This is a song we'll definitely have to sing with you at home!