Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas Celebrations 2012

The first activity we did to celebrate Christmas was to go to Winter Wonderland in Hilltop Park. You had just as much fun as last year, and it was even better because Lawrence was with us this year!!!
We didn't take too many pictures, just the ones with Santa!!

We're sorry Lawrence, you were definitely scared of Santa:(

Later in December, our family went to the Safari Park to have breakfast with Santa, and Mackenzie and Ella came too! You girls both had so much fun together...especially decorating the sugar cookies together, and being silly after we left the breakfast.

On Christmas Eve, you put out cookies and milk for Santa and couldn't wait to get to bed so Santa Clause would come!

Look, Santa came and brought you and Lawrence presents!!

Christmas morning snuggles in your matching pajamas!!

Lawrence, you had so much fun helping to unwrap the presents and play with the wrapping paper.

Here are some of your favorite gifts, Lawrence:

Briana, you liked all your gifts and this is your "picture smile" when we ask you to smile for the camera:)

You LOVE your trampoline and jump on it whenever you can!

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  1. What a special Christmas! Your first one as a complete family of four :) I love the pics of Christmas morning jammies!!!