Monday, March 4, 2013

Lawrence is 9 Months Old!!!!: (January 17, 2013)

Lawrence, you are 9 months old!!

This first picture is blurry because you are just SO ACTIVE now! You would sit for a few seconds before trying to dive off of the chair:)

You are now officially crawling, and it is so neat for us to watch you explore and choose what you want to do!!! You are also pulling up and standing while holding onto something, and have just begun cruising around the furniture.

You love Briana's trampoline, and you just love standing up there:

You also love crawling in the playhouse and exploring all the fun toys Briana put in there.

Standing at the kitchen is another one of your favorite things to do, and it's even more fun when Briana's playing there with you!

Another one of your favorite activities is playing with whatever Briana is playing with. You just love being with her! Here she is reading a book to you and trying to make sure your foot is warm.

You also love playing outside, and you love swinging in your swing, and crawling around the grass and standing wherever you can.

We love you so much Lawrence and are so thankful for what a happy, healthy, active little boy you are!!!!

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